Aamer Khan Lodhi – An Icon of Inspiration

This is an honor for me to write a short biography of the person who changed my thinking and my vision of life. He is one of my favorite teachers, who inspires me a lot.  In the books, I read that teachers are like candles – they illuminate the surrounding area by removing the darkness. After observing and closely watching him, he is the candle for not just me, but for many more students as well.

I am talking about the top-rated freelancer, a very kind and humble person Mr. Aamer khan Lodhi. Along with being top-rated, he is a very kind and humble person. His method of teaching is very impressive.  He deserves more than one article to express my feelings about him, and this article isn’t enough. On my blog, I will share articles about him from time to time.

This article discusses Aamer Khan Lodhi’s background, education, hobbies, struggles in his life, and how he turns himself from an ideal star to the true star of freelancing. He once said something that I’ll never forget

“There is nothing in the world which hurt me, I am so much strong enough”.


Mr. Aamer khan Lodhi was born on 10 February 1988. He belongs to the small village 465 G.B Santoki tehsil Samundri district Faisalabad. From childhood, he was not fond to study. Therefore, his father decided that Aamer khan Lodhi will live with him. His father was an army man. So, for his better education, he went with his father and till the 9th class, he studied in many beautiful cities of Pakistan like Karachi Malir Cantt, Kharian Cantt, and GHQ Rawalpindi.

After the retirement of his father, he came to sumandari and continue his education. Aamer khan Lodhi completed his MBA from Agriculture University Faisalabad. He is a very different person from the rest of his fellows. He also thinks out of the box and believes in himself that he will become a superstar one day.

The dream of Aamer khan Lodhi

The dream of Aamer khan Lodhi was to become a cricketer and represent the national team. Aamer khan Lodhi likes to play cricket since childhood. He is still a very good player in cricket. He started his professional cricket at Al-Mauj Cricket Club 465 GB. Syed Haseeb shah sb is the president of the club while Aamer khan Lodhi is the all-time captain.

To further pursue his cricketing career, he joins the well-known Lyallpur Gymkhana cricket club Faisalabad. He also represents the cricket team of Agriculture University.  One of the Key events that happened in his life is that the first job he got in the freelancing field is due to Cricket.

Struggling phase of Aamer khan Lodhi’s Life

This section is my favorite section to discuss. It is no less than a Bollywood movie. During university life, he was a very man of the mean. He prefers to walk rather than take a lift from someone. After completion of graduation in 2010, his father was retired. Their relatives put pressure on him as well as on his parents that why he does not start his job.

Due to frustration, he decided to start the job. The first job he starts was in the Masood textile mills, but the job descriptions cannot satisfy him, so he left this job. Then he joined the Pasban IT Group, where he got his job due to his cricket skill. Then after a few years, he switched jobs and join Globitel Media group as a Link builder and blog comment expert.

In 2015 Aamer khan Lodhi decided to start his own company. During this period, he works day and night. He works more than 12 hours a day for 6 months. Meanwhile, he got his first freelancing job for 1$. After completing the first job, then his journey of freelancing gets better day by day. One day he was doing the assignment for his sister, and on her account, he got the client who change his life. Currently, he is the top-rated freelancer and completed more than 110 best orders.

Married Life of Aamer khan Lodhi

In November 2020, he decided to start a new inning of his life. Our prayers are with him for his successful married life.

Professional Trainer and blogger

In February 2021, National freelancing training program officials contact him and request him to join NFTP as a trainer to guide the unguided youth of Pakistan. From the last three batches, he made many Aamer khan Lodhi and Proudly I am one of them. Many of his students currently working as successful freelancers he running his two blogs, beingcounsellor.com and Aamer khan Lodhi. Through his blogs, he shares his knowledge with the youth.  

Inspiration for the young freelancers

He is a very positive person. He always tries to motivate the youth. And always says, there is no excuse, just believe in yourself, one day you will the king of that field. Aamer khan Lodhi proves from his struggle that if you have any goal then no one can beat you. Huge Huge Huge respect for him. Sir, you will always be in our prayers.

Future goals of Aamer khan Lodhi

It is apparent that Aamer Khan Lodhi has a strong attachment to his village. He prefers to live in the village rather than in a city. Therefore, he planned to establish a well-equipped freelancing set up in the village. Where he trained the young people free of cost and make them useful assets of Pakistan. According to him, money is not everything. The most important thing is how you help others or how others feel comfortable and happy around you.  I pray Allah almighty gives you the strength you need to accomplish your goal.