The term freelancing become popular is the world specially in Pakistan from the last couple of years. currently more than one million freelancers are working in Pakistan. This huge number of freelancers in Pakistan is due to the high rate of joblessness, while many peoples prefer to work from home instead of going to office daily. After observing such huge number, the question comes in the mind of common man that what is freelancing in Pakistan.

In this article I will answer this question, and guide the beginners in detail, that how to earn money from freelancing.

What is freelancing in Pakistan or commonly what is freelancing

Freelancing can be defined as the process through which the person sells their skills globally through Internet via different platforms and earn money is called freelancing. While the individual who doing the freelancing is called a freelancer. As per the definition we can say that what is freelancing is Pakistan can be defined as the person or a freelancer anywhere in Pakistan can work for the client, without the restriction of workstation and job timing.

 Total Export of freelancing industry in Pakistan during 2021-22

There is a rapid growth in the freelancing industry in Pakistan. Over the fiscal year 2021-22, the freelance community generated $216.788 million by exporting their services, an increase of 16.74 % from the same period last year. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT&T) recently released this data. 

First freelance Information Technology (IT) hub- What is freelancing in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan invested 35 million to establish the first IT hub for freelancers in Rawalpindi. On March 10th, this newly established freelance IT hub in Rawalpindi will be auctioned for rent. This is the first such project in Pakistan in this field, as a result of this initiative freelancing in Pakistan will further boost.

Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation (RMC) has developed this project in order to facilitate the Information Technology (IT) sector and provide new opportunities for young people.

The new IT hub is a massive-scale development with a total area of 7,500 sq. ft. It features four meeting halls, two group discussion halls, a cafeteria, and a daycare center for working mothers. There is also a rooftop restaurant and a parking lot that will accommodate 40 vehicles at once for the project.

The best way to do freelancing in Pakistan

  • You first need to clear your mind about what freelancing is.
  • In the next you should know about the freelancing markets in the world
  • After getting knowledge about the freelancing market then make self-analysis about your abilities and resources that how to utilize these abilities according to need of global market
  • Then create your profile as a freelancer on multiple well-known platforms
  • Improve your profile time to time “What is freelancing in Pakistan”
  • Apply for the jobs regularly and try to learn from the previous interviews and improve yourself.

Benefits of freelancing in Pakistan

If you decide to pursue freelancing as a future career, you will enjoy several benefits. Here are a few major benefits

Flexible working hours – There is no restriction of 9 to 5 in a freelancing. You work as per your own convenience.

Boss – You are the CEO of your work, work schedule, and work time as a contractor. What is freelancing in Pakistan

The comfort of home – There are no strict regulations regarding office ethics and dress code. What is freelancing in Pakistan. What is freelancing in Pakistan

Learning new things – A self-employer has endless opportunities for growth and learning new skills.

Earning through freelancing in Pakistan

Most likely, you’re doing this because you’ve heard of some freelancers’ success stories and the amount of money they’re making. Unfortunately, the reality is far from that.

Honestly, I can’t tell you that this field will make you rich overnight. It is a constant struggle that will undoubtedly take you to success. However, being consistent and patient is essential. What is freelancing in Pakistan

It will not be a fixed amount of money. Some months, it will exceed your expectations. And some days, you won’t be able to earn pocket money.

Therefore, beginners struggle to settle in this area due to the access to clients and connections they have at first. What is freelancing in Pakistan  

BEST FREELANCING JOBS IN PAKISTAN / Best skills for freelancing

Top freelancing skills from which you can earn through freelancing in Pakistan.  The details of these skills are available in our article, please read “What is freelancing in Urdu”.

  • Content writing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development and designing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Virtual Assistant “What is freelancing in Pakistan”
  • Data Entry
  • Business consulting
  • Teaching “What is freelancing in Pakistan”
  • Translation jobs
  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Fine Arts
  • Coaching in Sports
  • Writing professionals of Curriculum Vitae
  • Voice-over Artists “What is freelancing in Pakistan”
  • More.

Challenges of Being a Freelancer in Pakistan

The freelancers working in Pakistan face several challenges, which must be addressed by the government to facilitate the freelancers. Some of these challenges are discussed here.

Limited Payment options

The freelancers working in Pakistan have a limited option of payment. In Pakistan you only have the excess of Payoneer and MoneyGram. While the most popular payment method PayPal is unavailable in Pakistan. due to this issue many freelancers lose their clients because the clients are easy and use too with PayPal. While it is unavailable in Pakistan. What is freelancing in Pakistan”

Internet and Energy issue

The second big problem for freelancers in Pakistan is the unavailability of Fast internet and 24 hours electricity. Many Areas in Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK there is no 4G internet excess. Also, the shortage of electricity disturbs the working of freelancers in Pakistan. What is freelancing in Pakistan”


Working as freelancer in Pakistan, you will be paid less per hour as compared to the freelancers working in Europe and in America. Although the workload is same for both freelancers.

Health insurance and stable salary

The permanent employees have health insurance from the company in which they work, and their salary is fixed. While being freelancer you will bear your health expenses by your self and the earning is also vary from month to month. So, I think it might be one of the challenges for a freelancer working in Pakistan and all over the world. What is freelancing in Pakistan”


If you want to start your career as a freelancer in Pakistan, the first step is to choose the niche on which you will work.

  • Selection of niche is very important; I suggest you select such niche in which you have personal interest. Some of the top niches are writing, web development, designing
  • After the niche selection, learn the skill, online through YouTube. Some of the training institute that offers these courses are Digi skills, NFPT, Coursera etc. What is freelancing in Pakistan”
  • When you learn the skill then build your profile on freelancing platforms, and time to time improve your profile by adding your experience and work. By doing so the chances of jobs increases.
  • Apply for the jobs on daily basis and learn from your previous experience.
  • Work honestly and with full determination, if you are working honestly, you will be succeeded.  


 Top Five freelancing platforms for the freelancers are


Freelancing in Pakistan is become popular day by day. The government also facilitate the freelancers for this purpose first IT hub was established in Rawalpindi. For becoming successful freelancer, you will work hard then you will get the reward. The important thing is to learn the skill you have skill then everything will be easy for you. What is freelancing in Pakistan”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How can I do freelancing in Pakistan?

While freelancing in Pakistan, there are several options you can choose from. Here are some things to keep in mind:
Select Your Skill
Become a brand (What is freelancing in Pakistan”)
Build a portfolio
Make Contacts
Take advantage of online freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and some other platforms.

How many freelancers are there in Pakistan?

 Over 1 million freelancers are working in Pakistan

Fiverr or Upwork which is best for beginners 2022?

Upwork is best for the beginners, because the Up work provide you the opportunity to work with clients for long term. It is very secure platform. I personally suggest working on Upwork rather than Fiverr.

Do freelancers get paid?
yes, they earn handsome money

Is freelancing illegal?

No, it is legal in almost every country.

How can I earn from freelancing?

First you will learn skill then build profile on the platforms and apply for the jobs, once you get order then after completing the task you will be paid.


Freelancing in Urdu can be defined as a person who has a certain skill and he offers his skills to help the worldwide community and earn money from home. Furthermore, freelancers are not restricted by working hours or locations. Therefore freelancing in Urdu is pronounced as (فری لانسنگ) kudkar Naukri. Freelancing allows you to work without the pressure of your boss and the fear of losing your job. 

So, the next thing is how we increase our knowledge about what is freelancing in Urdu. The best platform for new freelancers is YouTube, where you can search for it. After getting the knowledge of freelancing, now the freelancer will learn the skill or if he has some skill then upgrade it.

Importance of Freelancing in Urdu 

The importance of freelancing is increased during the covid pandemic. Because everyone was stuck in the house during the pandemic. Freelancing in Urdu has become more popular during the pandemic because job opportunities have decreased at that time. So the only reliable way to earn money was freelancing. The freelancing industry has been making tons of money, and many are preferring it over the office job. More than 50% of the total employee working at google are freelancers. 

What is freelancing in urdu 

  Source:  Bloomberg

Examples of freelancing in Urdu 

Some of the examples of Freelancing skills are web designing. If you know about web designing then you can start your career as a freelancer. If you are good at writing then you can adopt the content writing profession in the freelancing world. Some other examples are data entry, virtual assistants, and many more. 

The important thing to becoming a freelancer after understanding what is freelancing in Urdu is the skill. If you have no skill, then first learn the skill. Different courses are available on the internet, some of them are free while others have paid subscriptions. Some of the examples are the Digi skills, NFPT, Azad chaiwala course, etc. 

Most demanding skills in freelancing 

The top most demanding skills in freelancing are discussed below in detail. If you learn these skills then you can earn money in 6 digits. 

  1. Content Writing – What is freelancing in Urdu 

There is a high demand for content writers right now and it will continue to be so for years. Everything you see on the internet is documented. Information can be found online on websites about anything you need to know. It is content writers who provide most of the information you find online. If you want to know what is freelancing in Urdu, you will be directed to the content website that explains the industry in simple words. 

Content writing is quite an important skill to learn, and you can master it with practice. Start writing a journal or blog and build your skill. Nowadays, people earn a significant amount of money with content writing and web blogging.

  1. Web development – What is freelancing in Urdu 

One of the most demanding and highly paid freelancing skills in freelancing is web development. Freelancers or web developers help the industry to grow their business in terms of showing their products or services to the world. As technology increases, the use and spread of the internet also increase. Now everything is available on the internet, if someone is searching for any product he or she just Googles it and finds the exact location. All these things increase the value of web developers. 

Although there is some saturation in the web development field, if you work with critical ideas such as what is freelancing in Urdu you will succeed in this field as well.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What is freelancing in Urdu 

Search Engine Optimization is the process through which we can rank the websites, blogs, videos, etc on search engines. It is also one of the highest-paid skills in freelancing. And the interesting thing is that it does not require any degree or special knowledge. Everyone can easily learn this skill through online courses and earn a lot of money. 

For example, if the client what to rank the article on what is freelancing in Urdu. Then you will perform the on-page and off-page SEO to optimize the article on the search engine. 

4. Virtual assistant – What is a freelancer in Urdu 

The virtual assistant is the job, in which you will help the client in terms of product listing, product hinting, SEO of the website, and email management. Furthermore, any kind of assistance the client requires you will provide to him from data entry to the SEO website. For doing a visual assistant job you must be familiar with MS word, MS excel, and its related software. 

For example, if the client wants to rank the article on what is freelancing in Urdu. Then the VA will do all the necessary stuff to rank the article on the search engine. 

5. Software development – What is freelancing in Urdu 

App or software development is a highly paid freelancing skill. Companies hired competent individuals for the development of apps and software. The developer not only earned through online jobs but also developed the app and uploaded it to the google play store. The higher the number of downloads on the google play store higher will be the income of freelancers. 

For example, The app developer develops the app with any name let’s suppose he develops the app for what is freelancing in Urdu. In this app, he provides tricks and suggestions for freelancers, that how they increase their income and knowledge. It is a little bit tricky and a tough skill, but can be learned.

6. Graphic designing – What is freelancing in Urdu 

Graphic designing skill is currently a highly demanding skill in the freelancing world. Because people currently prefer visual presentation rather than text. Graphic designer also earns through logo designing, textile designs, and image and video editing.

Graphic designing can easily be learned through online courses. But for graphic designing, you will need a high-specification laptop or PC. Graphic designers explain and share the knowledge about what is freelancing in Urdu in two or three pics instead of 1000 words in the text. 

7. Digital marketing /  Social media marketing

In the recent past, people used social media for just time to pass, but currently, it is the big platform for digital marketing. Social media is used by businessmen to expand their business. Social media or digital marketing requires carefully strategizing promotion campaigns, managing company profiles, and actively participating in trends to stay relevant and increase brand awareness. If a question comes to your mind about what is freelancing in Urdu, then the answer you will find in several blogs. 

Link builders are one of the most abundant jobs available on the freelancing platforms. In link building, the freelancer performs different tasks. Furthermore, the objective of these tasks is to connect the blog or website with related other blogs and websites. It helps to rank the website and blogs in search engines.       

 Platforms for Freelancer 

Following are the well-reputed platforms. The number is according to my opinion and most of the bloggers and freelancers rated these platforms as follows.

Top rated Freelancing platforms –  what is freelancing in Urdu 

1. Upwork

2. Toptal

3. Jooble


5. Fiverr -(what is freelancing in Urdu)

6. Flexjobs

7. SimplyHired

8. Guru

9. LinkedIn -(what is freelancing in Urdu)

10. Behance

11. 99designs

12. Dribbble

13. People Per Hour

14. ServiceScape- (what is freelancing in Urdu)

15. DesignHill

16. TaskRabbit


What is freelancing in Urdu comes to your mind, then it can be defined as the type of job which is not restricted to the location and work hours. When you feel comfortable, perform the tasks. The highly paid skills are content writing, digital marketing, link builders, web development, etc. while the top platforms for freelancing are Upwork, Fiverr, freelancing .com, etc.  

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