I. Introduction

Pakistan super league (PSL) is very famous in South Asia, especially in Pakistan and India. Therefore, with time its popularity and demand are increasing rapidly. The start of the Indian Cricket League (ICL) gives new life to cricket. However, it was banned by the ICC, but to overcome its effect initially BCCI start the league with the name IPL (Indian premier league).

Pakistani Players only participate in the first edition of IPL. After that, the political instability between the two countries keeps the players away from the league. As a result, Pakistan Cricket Board also decide to start the league under the Name Pakistan Super League (PSL) in 2016. In This article, we cover the history of PSL, the time overview, and the talent produced by PSL in detail.

A. Explanation of what PSL is and why it’s important

Pakistan super league is a great opportunity for young players to show off their skills. Furthermore, it also improves their life standard. because the franchises give a handsome amount to the players. The first edition of PSL was held in 2016 in Dubai. At that time no cricket-playing nation is willing to visit Pakistan. furthermore, it was a very tough time for Pakistani players and spectators.

Every year PSL franchises organized trials for the players in different cities to pick the young talent. Now, it is very easy for a talented player to show off their skills and achieve their dreams in no time. Every year PSL provides new players to the National team. Therefore, we can say that it improves the quality of Pakistan cricket.

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 Overview of the PSL Teams

In the first two sessions of PSL, five teams participate in it. The name of these teams is (i) Islamabad united, (ii) Peshawar Zalmi (iii) Quetta gladiators (iv) Karachi kings, and Lahore Qalandars. Later on, in the third season of 2017, Multan Sultan was also added.

Peshawar Zalmi (PSL)

The owner of Peshawar Zalmi is owned by Javed Afridi, a well-known personality in Pakistan. Furthermore, he is also the owner of Haier Pakistan. The captain of Peshawar zalmi is Baber Azam, while the head coach is Darren Sammy.

The players Peshawar zalmi produces for Pakistan are Hassan Ali. He is a very competent Fast Bowler, and he can Bat as well. After that Haider Ali is the other young talented player produced by Zalmi. He is famous for his hot hitting. In the 8th season, he joined Karachi kings. While the most impactful player Zalmi discovered is Muhammad Harris. He is a wicket-kipper batter and is famous for power-hitting. All the credit is going to the PSL management.

Islamabad United

The owner of Islamabad united is Ali Naqvi under the company name Leonine Global Sports. Furthermore, Islamabad united was the winner of the First PSL back in 2016. The Captain of Islamabad united is Shahdab Khan. While the Head Coach is Azar Mahmood.

If we discuss the contribution of Islamabad united to Pakistan cricket. Then, Shahdab Khan is the huge gift of Islamabad united to the Pakistan team. He is the top-class all-rounder in the world. He plays a vital role in the winning Champions trophy to Pakistan.

The next big player that comes to the attention of the people is ASIF Ali. While he gets popularity from the T20 World Cup. Where he smashes 4 sixes in one over and won the Match for Pakistan against AFG.  Furthermore, the young fast bowler Wasim Wazir and Musa are also good contributions of ISL united to Pakistan cricket and PSL.

Quetta Gladiators (PSL)

Quetta gladiators get the most popularity in the first season. Because initially, the team faced difficulty to get sponsorships. But after winning of few matches in a row they become the favorite team of everyone. The owner of gladiators is Nadeem Owmer who also owns Omer associates. Furthermore, the captain of Quetta gladiators from the First season to till 8th season is Sarfaraz Ahmad.  Therefore, he leads the team from the front.  

If we discuss the contributions of Quetta gladiators then the big contribution is the Naseem Shah, and Muhammad Hasnain. Both are the Front-line Fast bowlers of the Pakistan team.  On the Batting side the son of Head coach Moin Khan, Azam khan is the leading contributor to cricket. In a recent match, he played an excellent inning and won the match for his franchise.

Lahore Qalandar

Lahore Qalandars is famous due to its owner Rana Fawad. He was very attached to the game. But unfortunately, in the first four seasons, Lahore qalandar cannot win so many matches. Although they get the services of World top players like A.B de Villiers, McCullum, Gayle, and many more. Furthermore, the captain of the Lahore team is Shaheen Afridi. While their head coach is Aqib Javed.

Furthermore, if we discuss the contribution of Lahore qalandar. they invest a lot in young talent.  Lahore qalandar has a high-performance center. Where the young players are trained under the supervision of trained coaches.

The contribution of Lahore qalandar to the Pakistan team and PSL is more than anyone else. The first big example is the world-class bowler Shaheen Afridi. He joined the team in the 2nd season as an emerging player. Now he is the Captain of the team. The 2nd player is the Haris rauf. He is picked from the dust and now he is the star of the team. Fakhar Zaman is also promoted by Lahore qalandar. 

Karachi Kings

Salman Iqbal and ARY is the owner of Karachi kings. This team also faced so many problems, in the team combination. Although they have so many superstars but still their winning combination is not yet set. The captain of Karachi king is Imad Wasim. While the head coach is John Bhota and Wasim Akram are the Director of Karachi kings.

Karachi kings remain under controversy this year due to M. Aamir and Imad Wasim. Therefore, their hates are more than the lovers.  Furthermore, if we discuss their contribution in the form of a player’s development. The team works with Qasim Akram, who is the captain of Pakistan under 19. Furthermore, Irshad Iqbal is also one of the best findings of Karachi kings.

Recently in the 8th season, Shoaib Malik joined the Karachi kings. But till now he cannot play impactful innings in the season. While in the first few seasons, they have M. Rizwan, but they cannot give them proper chance, which was bad luck for them.

Multan Sultan

Multan Sultan joined the party PSL in the 3rd season. But they can not play the impactful season. Multan sultan is owned by the Tareen, the well-known Family in Pakistan. Although they joined the PSL after two seasons, now they ruled the PSL. For the last two seasons, they played top-class cricket.

If we discuss the contribution of the Multan sultan to PSL and the Pakistan Team. Then Muhammad Rizwan is on the top list. This team gives them the experience of Captaincy. Furthermore, Kushdil shah is also part of a Multan sultan. Shahnawaz Dahani is a fast bowler who’s currently playing for Pakistan. Furthermore, he is injured this season.

In the last two seasons move sultan played good cricket. the head coach Multan is Andy Flower from Zimbabwe.

Format of the Pakitan Super League (PSL)

The format of the PSL league is very interesting. Initially, each team played a match against the other five teams. At the end of the first round, the top 4 teams will qualify for the playoff. In the playoff, the top two teams will play against each other. As a result, the winning team will qualify for the final. while the runner team has one more chance to qualify for the final. The winner of the match between the 3rd and 4th number teams will play against the runner-up team of the 1st and 2nd number teams.

Schedule of PSL 8

The schedule of PSL 8 consists of a total of 33 matches which will be played in four cities in Pakistan. The first part is played in Karachi and Multan, while the 2nd part of PSL will be played in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

PSL 8 Schedule

Team wise PSL winner’s details

Islamabad United won the first edition of PSL. While Peshawar Zalmi won the 2nd edition. Furthermore, Islamabad united won the 3rd edition of PSL. further details year-wise and team-wise are given in the below image. 

Who wins the PSL

Sponsorships and individual awards

The prime sponsor of PSL is the HBL from the first season to 2025. In the first three years, HBL sponsored up to 54.4 crores. While for the next three years, HBL give 214.8 crores. Furthermore, in the latest deal, HBL gives 391.7 crores to PSL management.

The highest run scorer batsman won Muhammad Hanif’s cap. While the highest wicket-taker bowler won the Fazal Muhammad’cap. Similarly, the best wicketkeeper won Imtiaz Ahmad’s cap.


Transgroup purchases the production right from 2022 to 2026 from PCB and PSL management. While PTV sports, A sports and Tensports purchase the broadcaster rights. Furthermore, daraz, tamasha, and Tampad also have broadcasting right from the PSL management.


Pakistan super league (PSL) is one of the leading cricket leagues in the world. It is famous for the Fast-bowling league.  Top players from different countries proudly participate in PSL. Every year the revenue and popularity of PSL are increasing day by day. HBL is the prime sponsor of PSL until 2025.  The agreement between PSL and the owners of franchises will finish up to the 10th season of PSL. Than PSL management can add other new teams to the League.