The T20 world cup final is one of the most exciting events in the sports world for cricket lovers. Therefore, everyone is excited to know who will win the t20 world cup 2022. This mega event is organized in Australia. Moreover, the matches are hosted by seven cities and the event starts from 16 October to 19 November. Question in every one mind is that who will win the T20 world cup final. I think Pakistan will win the world cup; details are discussed below.

Total teams participated in the T20 world Cup

A total of 16 teams participated in the world cup, of which 8 are already qualified, while the 8 teams play the qualifying road and the top 2 teams from each qualifying group were qualified for the main groups. In the qualifying roads, the following teams qualified for the main road Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and Ireland.

Group A Teams

 Australia, New Zealand, England, Afghanistan, Ireland, and Sri Lanka

 This group was the tough group as compared to Group B.

Group B Teams

Pakistan, India, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Netherlands

Top Upsets in the world t20

The first upset was done between England and Ireland match. In this match, the Ireland team defeat the England team due to DLS on 26 Oct.

The second upset occurred between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, where Pakistan lost the match by just 1 run.

The third big upset was between South Africa and the Netherlands match, where favorite South Africa lost the match and knockout from the tournament.

Semifinalist of the t20 world cup  

From Group A, New Zealand and England qualify, while from Group B Pakistan and India qualify for the Semifinal.

First Semi-Final

The First Semi-final will be played between Pakistan and New Zealand, on 9 November at the Sydney cricket ground.

Strengths and weakness of each Team

The strength of the Pakistan team is the strong bowling attack, while the weak point is the poor opening and strike rate. If Pakistan controls the opening batters of New Zealand, then the winning chances of Pakistan will be higher. Secondly, Pakistan has a quality spin attack, while the Kiwis have a poor performance against spin bowling attacks.

Now we discuss the weak and strong points of the New Zealand team. New Zealand have also strong bowling attack, while the performance of Pakistani batters against short-pitch delivery was very poor. So, it is very effective for New Zealand. The weakness of New Zealand is the poor performance against the quality Spin attack. Both teams will put their efforts to win T20 World Cup Final.

As a result of all discussion, the chance of New Zealand is higher than Pakistan and it might be 55% for New Zealand and 45% for Pakistan. But if Pakistan Won the Semi final then the confidence level of Pakistan will be high as SKY.

2nd Semi-Final

The 2nd Semi Final will be Played Between India and England at Adelaide on 10 November. Both teams are favorites for the tournament and are very balanced sides.

Strengths and weakness of each Team

 India has a very strong batting lineup, World no 1 t20 batter along with Kohli. Which is in very good tune and strikes the ball well. The strength of the Indian team is their batting and somehow fast bowling as well. However, the strength of the England team is their very destructive batting along with a very fast bowling attack. In short, both teams have negligible weaknesses, while the strength of both teams is up to the mark.

The probability of India is slightly higher at 54% While England has 46% according to my opinion.

Who will win the Final of the t20 World cup 2022  

In my opinion, the Final will be played between Pakistan and India on 13 November at Melbourne Cricket Ground. It will be a nail-biting match. And the probability of both teams will be the same. It will be decided on that day because those teams will win the match who control their pressure and play their natural game. From my experience and after keenly observing history if Pakistan wins the semi-final then Pakistan will also win the Final as well. So, the Answer to the Question is the Pakistan Team, who will win the World cup t20 2022 on 13 November.    

Pakistan will Win the t20 World Cup 2022 I.A

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    Muhammad Mubeen Safdar

    Pak vs Eng final… IA Pak will win😍

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    Very informative about Cricket lovers.
    In Shah Allah, Pakistan will win the Final of CW22.

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