National Textile University is commonly known as (NTU). It is the premier institute of Textiles in Pakistan. Furthermore, NTU was established in 1959 under the name of the Institute of Textile technology. The president of Pakistan General Ayub Khan made the inauguration of the institute. From that time to till date the institute produce quality graduates. Which dominates the whole textile industry and plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan. The textile sector contributes more than 60% of the total export of Pakistan. While the textile sector contributes 70% of the total job creation of the country. Which is a huge number.

After World War II the demand for textiles is increasing highly. Furthermore, the industry also shifts from western countries to Asian regions due to low processing costs. During this period, Faisalabad becomes the hub of Textiles and was known as the Manchester of Pakistan.

Therefore, the Industrialists and the government officials decide to open the textile institute. Where the skilled force is prepared to run the industry. For this purpose, industrialists provide the land, while the government gives the fund for the instruments.

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National college for textile engineering (NTCE). 

In 1972 the institute of textile technology is upgraded to the National college for textile engineering. The degree of NTCE was accredited by UET Lahore. During all these times the college only offers textile-related programs such as Spinning, Weaving, and Textile Processing. The strength of the students at NTCE was also very low.

The environment at NTCE /National Textile University

The beauty of National Textile university is due to the unique bonding among the students. They all live like a family. While the community set some specific rules for the students. The objective of each rule is very interesting and full of the mean. In my opinion, the gathering and unity I see at NTU can never be found in other institutes.

Jonirs give huge respect to seniors, while the seniors in response do everything for their better future. When student in their first year joins NTU, the first week is very surprising for them. Because the seniors treat him very kindly. They guide them and give full attention to them

First year at National Textile University

The part of life which you will never forget is the first year at NTU. Being a Textile engineer and graduate of NTU, the first year is full of enjoyment. Just like me, every student comes from a home with so many dreams. But when you enter the National Textile university, everything is change.

The whole year you will experience new things on daily basis. Besides textile knowledge, you will learn, how to face problems. How to do the job for more than 12 hours with a smiling face. In the first year, you will meet entirely new people. But shortly they will become closer to you than your family. I think this is the beauty and uniqueness of National Textile University.

The first year at NTU is just like the training time of cadets in PMA. Every evening in the hostel you will learn new leadership qualities. Seniors will help you to improve your confidence level. I have a lot of memories of my first year at NTU. I think this article will be very short to describe all these funny and interesting moments.

Life of seniors students at National Textile University

Wao the day, when you are promoted to the 2nd year, it is not less than becoming the army chief. In 2nd year you will get the label of Sir. Every junior student will call you Sir. And this honor is for my whole life with you. Jonirs will obey you whatever you say. The remaining 3 years at NTU are just like the army officer. Furthermore, along with all these glories, seniors have some responsibilities as well. If your joiners have any problem, then you will lead and guide them.

Mini Pakistan at National Textile University

National Textile University is the garden where you will see every culture. Students from all over the country are studying here and you will experience to enjoy the company of different cultures. Every province has specific seats. Such as 25 students from KPK, similarly 25 from Sindh, and similarly 25 from Balochistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan.

At any occasion or event in Ntu, you will see the students wearing their cultural dress and it increases the beauty of the university. Recently foreign students also join the National Textile University. Students from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan further enhance the beauty of this garden.

Department in National Textile University

The national textile university consists of different schools. Such as the School of Engineering and Technology SET, School of Science, Faisalabad School of Business, and School of arts and design. Each school is led by Dean/ Director. While in every school different departments are led by the Chairman. Along with regular degrees, the university also offered short courses. Such as freelancing, Information and Technology, and earning through Amazon.  

School of Engineering and Technology 

School of Engineering and Technology is the leading school of the National Textile University. Furthermore, Dr. Yasir Nawab leads the school of Engineering and Technology at the National textile university. He is a very competent and well researcher in the world. Specifically in the field of Composite. Furthermore, the School of Engineering is divided into Textile Engineering Department, Materials Department, Apparel and Clothing department, and Textile Engineering and Technology department.

NTU Faisalabad

Textile Engineering Department   

The textile engineering department is the premium department of NTU. Furthermore, this department is chaired by Dr. Munir Ashraf, he is very hard-working and intelligent. While he won so many HEC awards and funding. The textile engineering department is further sub-categorized into Spinning, weaving, knitting, Processing, and garment manufacturing.

Garment manufacturing

Cream of Textile engineering department joins the garment manufacturing section. The merit of Garment manufacturing is always on the top. It is due to the higher no jobs in the market. Furthermore, their salaries are also very high than the rest of the sections. During graduation in garment manufacturing, the students learn about the planning, processing, and marketing of garments.

One of my interesting subjects is Industrial engineering in garment manufacturing. National Textile university is the only university that has well-equipped garments labs.

Textile Processing

The second most demanding section at National Textile University is the textile processing section. the reason behind its high demand is that its graduates can work in three sectors. Such as in the garment washing field, in the dying of fabric, and the finishing of the fabric. so there are a lot of opportunities for the students therefore their demand is high.

Fabric manufacturing

Fabric manufacturing is a department in which the fabric formation technique is taught to the students. In the ’90s this section is considered one of the top sections in the textile. But with time their demand is decreasing. The reason behind their decline is the increase in processing costs. Which ultimately makes the fabric cost higher. While the cost of imported fabric is lower than locally-made fabric. Therefore their demand is decreasing with time.

The second type of fabric formation is the knitting technique. It is also one of the emerging techniques in the market. The increase in demand is due to low cost, high productivity, and value-added products.

Spinning/ Yarn manufacturing

The first step in the textile field is yarn manufacturing. It is the oldest department at National Textile university. In the early time, its demand is very high. But the same case is with the spinning department. The cost of yarn manufacturing is high than the important yarn. Therefore the industry preferred to import the yarn.

Materials department of National textile university

The materials department previously known as the polymer department is one of the successful departments of NTU. Dr khobab shakir is the chairman of the materials department. He is the youngest head of the department at NTU. The materials department offers a polymer engineering program with composite and polymer specializations.

The materials department also offers MS in advanced materials. During this program, the student can learn about composites, smart materials, advanced materials, and many more.

Apparel and clothing department of NTU

Dr. Abher Rasheed is the chairman of the apparel and clothing department. It is a non-engineering program. The objective of this program is to fulfill the requirement of the apparel industry. Furthermore, their graduates are equipped with the latest knowledge. So that they can help the industry to increase its output. While reducing the cost and waste.

Rector NTU Tanveer Hussain

Textile Engineering and Technology

Textile engineering and technology is the accredited program of the National Technology Council. Furthermore, it is also accredited by the British technology council. While if we discuss the uniqueness of TET. Then this program has more focus on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Dr. Sheraz Ahmad is the chairman of the TET department. It is one of the growing departments of National Textile university.

Eligibility criteria for the BS program   

 The eligibility criteria for BS Programs in National Textile university are 60% marks in FSc. While passing marks in the NTS test is also compulsory for admission to engineering sections.  Furthermore, for admission in TET, only 60% of marks are required in FSC /FA or DAE. Similarly in the apparel department, only 50% of marks in FA/FSC are necessary for admission. Furthermore, criteria is changing from time to time, so it is preferred to visit the website before going to admission.

MS and Ph.D. programs offered by NTU

National Textile University offered the following programs at the MS level.

  • MS in Textile Engineering
  • Advanced materials
  • Textile technology
  • Advanced fashion and apparel

While Ph.D. programs offered at NTU are

  • Ph.D. in Textile engineering
  • Advance materials
  • Ph.D. in Textile technology


National Textile University is the premium textile institute in Pakistan. The graduate of NTU dominates the textile industry in Pakistan and the middle east. Furthermore, majorly four departments at NTU are related to Textile Engineering. while two of them are accredited by PEC. While the rest of the two are accredited by HEC. 

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