Background of Imran Khan

Imran Ahmed khan Niazi is the complete name of Imran khan. Furthermore, he was born in Mianwali Punjab Pakistan. His father’s name is Ikram Ullah Khan Niazi and his mother’s name is Shaukat Khanum. He is the only brother of four sisters. He belongs to the Niazi tribe which is a Pashtun well-known tribe.

Ikram Ullah Niazi was a civil engineer and served as an engineer in mianwali. He was dead in 2011. Imran khan was born on 5 October 1952 at Lahore Zaman Park. Imran khan’s initial education was at Aitchison College Lahore. Then he moved to England and studied at Royal Grammar school. After that, he got admission to Oxford University and completed his bachelor’s in Economics and politics.

He was very intellectual and hard-working from childhood. Imran always believes that he can do anything. And there is nothing impossible. During his stay in England, he starts playing cricket. Furthermore, he believes that he will be the top cricketer from Pakistan. while he proved this from his performance. This article is related to the short introduction of Imran Khan.

A brief overview of Imran Khan career

Imran khan has a brilliant cricketing career. He played cricket from 1971 to 1992. He started playing cricket at the age of 18 and was shortly known as a bowling all-rounder. Imran khan has made his test cricket debut in 1971 against England. While in 1974 he made his one-day international cricket debut again against England. As a bowler, he is known as a fast bowler. He played 88 Test matches and 175 ODI matches.

He scored 3907 and 3709 runs in Test and ODI matches respectively. during his career, he has had excellent batting and bowling average. The batting average is 37 in the test while 33 in ODI. Similarly in bowling Imran khan has 22 in the test while 26 in the ODI matches. Furthermore, he is known as the best captain and strong mind men.  The big achievement in my cricketing career is the winning of World cup 1992 for Pakistan.

This World Cup was hosted by Newzealand and Australia. Furthermore, he played an excellent role in the winning of Worldcup. While he is also added to the ALL of Fame of ICC cricket. After he retired from cricket, he started politics and established his party with the name PTI in 1996.

Importance and relevance of Imran Khan’s leadership

Imran Khan is known as a great leader not only in cricket but also in politics and his political party is the best political party in Pakistan. While In 1992, Pakistan has won only one world cup under the captaincy of Imran Khan, and after that Pakistan never won any ODI world cup. During his cricketing career, he always take brave decisions. He was the only captain who won the test series from India in India with their Umpires. Furthermore, he is the only Pakistani captain who won the series against Australia and West Indies.

He introduces the neutrals Umpires concept in test cricket. Furthermore, he was very famous at that time due to his fast bowling. While he can swing the ball in both directions. Furthermore, he was considered the man of the mean. When he has become the captain he dropped his cousin from the team due to poor performance.  I like the determination and capabilities of Imran khan.

Social work of Imran khan

Imran khan after retirement from cricket started social work to help people. His mother suffered from Cancer. Therefore he decided to open a Cancer hospital in Pakistan so that no one can save him from such pain. His love for his mother can be seen in his effort he builds three hospitals in Pakistan.

The first hospital he started in Pakistan is in Lahore. While People at that time told him that this is not possible to run the cancer hospital free of cost. But none of them can see his determination. So when he decided he builds the hospital. He converts his dream into reality.

While by the grace of ALLAH to date this hospital gives treatment to poor people free of cost. The peoples of Pakistan have great trust in Imran khan. During each Fundraising, peoples give a lot of money. While he also proved himself an honest man during his life.

After the successful completion of Shaukat Khanam Hospital in Lahore. He started to build the hospital in Karachi and Peshawar as well. Peoples give a lot of respect to him and I think only this social work is enough for him to get Jannah INSHALLAH.  

Entry into Politics

After he retire from cricket he observed that the life of the common man is difficult in Pakistan. Furthermore, the common public of Pakistan has no rights. While there is no justice and no rule of law in Pakistan. after observing all these factors he decided to start politics. For this purpose, he registered the Party under the name Pakistan Tahrek Insaf. This party aimed to establish the Insaf in Pakistan. Furthermore to finish the corruption in the country. 

Imran Khan’s Political campaigns and rallies

To increase the awareness in the public he started political campaigns and rallies across the country. Soon he gets popular with the public. While peoples give huge respect to him and acknowledged his honesty.  But his political opponents were very low-standard people.

When they observe that they can not compete with him. Then they attack his personal life, they start a campaign against his wife. For this reason, he gets separated from his wife. He does all these just for the people of Pakistan.   

Initial Challenges and Setbacks of Imran Khan

Initially, Imran khan faced a lot of problems and challenges. Because at that time there were so much social media, he faced problem to expand his mission to all of Pakistan. While in Pakistan at that time peoples prefer to give votes based on family affiliations. Therefore for all these reasons, he gets so many setbacks in the initial elections.

In the 2002 elections, he won only 1 seat from Mianwali. Instead of these poor performances, Parvez Musharraf gives him the offer to become PM. But he refused to take this seat. Because he thinks that I will become PM only with the power of a nation. At that time he always said that my voters are still young. When they become eligible the vote, then I will clean sweep the elections.

Imran Khan Journey to Prime Minister ship

When  Imran khan started politics, everyone told him that he will never become a PM. But he proved again that you can achieve what you want. If your determination is clear and you work hard.  During the initial elections of PTI, he can not win so many seats. But in 2002 he won only one seat. Furthermore, in the 2008 elections, he boycotts the elections due to establishment involvement in the elections.

2013 General Elections performance of Imran Khan

In the 2013 general elections, PTI and Imran khan strongly participated and create a strong influence by winning 35 seats in NA. Furthermore established a coalition government in KPK with JI. Imran khan’s government delivered exceptionally in KPK. Their government gives jobs on merit, and a lot of people get jobs during PTI tenure.

Furthermore, they improve the quality of Police in KPK. Which is acknowledged everywhere in Pakistan. Furthermore, to improve the quality of Education in KPK, they hire monitoring teams. While these teams visit the school and monitor the attendance of teachers. By doing so the quality of education is significantly improved. 

The other revolutionary work he performed during the PTI government is the health card. He gives health cards to the citizens of KPK, and from these cards, they take treatment from every hospital free of cost.

Opposition and allegations of rigging of Imran Khan

Imran khan protested in front of Parliament for more than 124 days. Because he claimed that the government rigged the election in 2013. As a result of rigging they make the government. But due to an attack on APS, he suspended the protest.

2018 General Elections victory

Imran khan makes his vision successful in the 2018 elections by sweeping in Punjab and KPK. He won about 175 seats in the National assembly and make his government. Imran khan was one of the most handsome and hard-working prime ministers of Pakistan. Furthermore, he worked for more than 3 years as a PM. During his tenure, he initiates so many steps for the prosperity of the Public.

Therefore public strongly support him from their core heart. Imran khan gives health cards in KPK and Punjab. From this facility, they get treatment free of cost. Furthermore, during COVID-19, his policies were out of class, and the whole world appreciate him. In the end, his speech at the UN is considered one of the best speeches from any leader in the world.

Imran is considered as popular as Quaid e Azam in Pakistan. While no one in his opposition is near about him to beat. He won all the elections in Pakistan. he defeats the present establishment in the Punjab by-elections.


Imran khan is the best in every field, where he put his arm he makes gold from it. Initially he start cricket and become the world’s best captain and all-rounder. Then he start social work and established Shaukat Khanum and NUML university. NUML university focuses on freelancing and IT-related education. Where every Pakistan can tale free services. After that Imran khan join politics and become the most popular leader in Pakistan. ALLAH al mighty protect him from every evil eye. ALLAH bless you, Sir.


What were some of the major challenges faced by Imran Khan during his political career?

He faced the corrupt opposition and mafia during his political career. While currently, the whole establishment is against him. Which is considered one of his big fights against the establishment.

What are some of the notable achievements of Imran Khan’s leadership in Pakistan?

He won the world cup for Pakistan in 1992. Furthermore, he established the cancer hospital in Lahore. While he also established NUML university in Mianwali.

How has Imran Khan’s leadership impacted Pakistan’s economy and foreign policies?

All over the world, everyone respects the green passport. Everyone gives value to Pakistan due to his glory.

What is Imran Khan’s stance on terrorism and extremism in the region?

Imran always believes that every problem is solved through negotiations. So there is no need to implement force against their people.

Has Imran Khan’s leadership made a significant impact on the global political stage?

Yes, Imran is discussed everywhere in the world. He is considered one of the top leaders in Pakistan and the Islamic world.

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