Amazon in Pakistan

Amazon is the largest online selling and buying platform in the world. Furthermore, it is estimated that almost 2 million active sellers conduct business worth a trillion dollars on Amazon annually. Afterword’s the authorization of Amazon in Pakistan. While, within a year Pakistan becomes the third most selling nation in the world. 

History of Amazon

Jeff Bezos started the company in 1994 from his garage in Bellevue, Washington with the name Amazon. Initially, it was an online bookstore. After the name Amazon, there was an interesting story, he always thinks that the company will be as large as the amazon sea. 

Amazon is now in the top five brands in the USA, along with Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta. Additionally, Amazon operates in 5 continents with more than 20 countries that have dedicated websites for selling and buying goods through amazon. E-commerce is a big marketplace for new and for established entrepreneurs to further strengthen their businesses in the world. 

Amazon in Pakistan

In May 2021, Amazon officially declared Pakistan as an authorized seller. Afterward the authorization, Pakistan-made products can be available to sell on the Amazon platform. Furthermore, this opportunity gives a boost to the Economy and strengthens the local entrepreneurs to earn in USD.  Amazon is one type of freelancing and for this purpose, you will need strong internet such as StormFiber.

Within a year the number of Pakistani sellers who joined the amazon marketplace is more than the Indian, UK, and Canadian sellers. Therefore, in a very short period of time Pakistan become the third top seller after US and China in 2022.  The list of Top sellers is mentioned below.

RankSeller Country Name
4United Kingdom

The market value of Amazon in Pakistan

Pakistan has over 1.2 million registered vendors on Amazon Marketplace, making it the third largest new seller after the United States and China. The total value of Pakistan’s export through Amazon was 28 billion US dollars. This is a huge number, and it contributes a lot to overcoming the current deficit of Pakistan. different communities and companies promote Amazon in Pakistan such as “eCommerce by Enablers”, “Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali” and “Ecommerce Success Pakistan. The efforts of these groups make Pakistan 3rd top seller in the world.   

How to earn from Amazon in Pakistan

We can earn money by selling things on Amazon, by being Amazon FBA sellers, or by joining the Amazon Affiliate program.

The best ways to earn money through Amazon in Pakistan are listed below.

  1. Virtual Assistant Job
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Amazon influencer
  4. Private labeling
  5. Amazon Drop Shipping Services
  6. Amazon Wholesale
  7. Publish an E-book

Virtual Assistant Job

The virtual assistant is a kind of service provider job to the brand of the company that is working in the marketplace of Amazon in Pakistan or all over the world. The services that are available on Amazon in Pakistan are keyword research, product hinting, product marketing, product listing, etc. it is an easy way to earn through Amazon in Pakistan. it also does not require any investment. Just learn the skills and earn through Amazon in Pakistan. 

Affiliate Marketing (Amazon in Pakistan)

it is also one of the easy and simple ways to earn money through Amazon in Pakistan. In this method, any website or blog provides services to Amazon for marketing their products on their blog or website. As a result Amazon in response to any click on the link and selling of products through their website or blog. In response, amazon will give shares to the blog or website on each product sold. In short, it is also known as Amazon associate program.

Amazon influencer

This type of earning is different from amazon affiliate marketing. In this program, any influencer or well-known personality advertises amazon products on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Furthermore, the influencer charges Amazon for the advertisement.

You will also provide a special URL to your own Amazon website after being accepted as an Amazon in Pakistan influencer. The products you want to suggest to your followers will be shown on the page. On eligible purchases, you’ll receive a variable commission.

Private Labeling (Amazon in Pakistan)

 If you have an investment, then this is the best way to earn a lot of money through Amazon in Pakistan and all over the world. In this method, you will select the product and register yourself on Amazon as a seller with a specific brand name and logo.

After that, you will manufacture the products at your facility and then ship them to the warehouse of amazon with your brand label. Whenever the customer visits your product on amazon and purchases the product, the amazon team will deliver the product from their warehouse to the destinations and transfer the amount to your account. This is the best way to utilize the Amazon marketplace, while the rest are the service type earning method.

Earn money through the wholesale of products

If you have no such investment, then wholesale is also one of the methods to earn money through Amazon in Pakistan. in this approach, you will purchase the product from the supplier in bulk quantity and then resell it to amazon with a profit margin. It is legal and acceptable for Amazon as well.

Amazon Drop Shipping Services

Drop shipping service is the exercise in which you act just like a middleman. The manufacturer of the product is not you, but you pretend that this is your product and sell it to the customer on Amazon.  You just list the products on Amazon, and if you get the order then you purchase the same product from someone else and shipped to the customer at a high price.

Amazon discourages drop shipping, due to this exercise amazon in Pakistan suspended a lot of accounts. Specially mian channu and Sahiwal were declared the red zones due to drop shipping.

 Publish an E-book

If you are good at writing and you have sufficient knowledge about a specific field. Then you can easily earn through Amazon. Simply, write the book and send it to Amazon. Amazon will publish the book and after each sale, you will get specific shares.


 Amazon is one of the best platforms for young entrepreneurs to explore the world and expand their businesses in the world. For this just you will require either investment or any skill. Then you can easily earn through Amazon. Amazon in Pakistan opens the doors for people who want to earn from home, by providing different services in terms of product hinting, marketing, keyword research, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Amazon officially available in Pakistan

Yes, Amazon is officially available in Pakistan since May 2021

How To Trade Your Products on Amazon Pakistan?

You can trade your product on amazon in Pakistan through private labeling and in the form of wholesale.

How to work on Amazon in Pakistan?

 Simply you just create a seller account on amazon and list the products you have.

How to earn money from Amazon in Pakistan?

 You can easily earn from amazon in Pakistan by providing services or by selling the product in the form of private labeling or wholesale.

How to create an Amazon seller account in Pakistan?

If you’re a new or experienced seller, the first step is to sign up for Amazon.

Select a strategy that suits your goals and write down your password and email for your seller account. The following step is to select the option to “establish a new account” below. If you already have an account, you can sign in using it; otherwise, you can make a new one. You will receive an OTP verification code. Click “Create your Amazon Account” after entering the OTP. After all of this, a 5-page form will appear for you to complete. That includes.

01:        Personal Information
02:        Select Marketplace
03:        Verification through billing information
04:        Information for Store/Products
05:        Address Validation by Amazon

After filling out all the forms, you must activate your Amazon account in Pakistan.

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